Diabetes Video


“Hi, my name is Andrew Kinney and I’m an attorney with Hoglund Law. I practice Social Security Disability Law and also Supplemental Security Income Law. One of the things i wanted to talk to today is, as of this filming, something that happened about a week ago. Social Security has changed one of its laws and it may raise some questions about whether you can be approved based on this law. Social Security has definitions of disability that describe what sort of elements you need to meet the criteria for certain kinds of problems. Halo back problem to meet what’s called a listing would need to meet certain elements. What Social Security has recently done as of June of 2011 is remove the diabetes listing, so this certainly causes concerns and the American Diabetic Association is one of the groups that had not wanted this to happen, but despite that the law has changed. So, what does it mean? One thing it does not mean: It does not mean you cannot be approved of Social Security benefits, do not believe that. One of the things in my practice at Social Security hearings in particular, I’ve noticed that when someone has diabetes I generally look for side effects of diabetes, for instance is someone has neuropathy of their toes or their hands or they have other problems like retinopathy. Diabetes as people that have it well know, can affect other parts of the body. Generally what I would argue in hearings isn’t necessarily diabetes listing anyway. What I would argue is the symptoms from diabetes that despite regular insulin and regular care have still risen, so don’t worry about that. As far as with Social Security and going to a hearing, one of the things that happen is that Social Security, at the first two lower levels –state agency levels — they make decisions too. There’s an application, reconsideration, and then a hearing level. It’s at the hearing level that you generally see more of the attorney work. At Hoglund Law Offices, we help people apply, we help people appeal, and we help people in any stage. Generally we consider where they are and their chances of approval. If you have questions about diabetes or you have questions about getting approved of Social Security benefits, feel free to call our office at 1-800-850-7867. You can also visit our website at HoglundLaw.com. Thank you very much.”